Sciware, a scientific
software learning community
at the Flatiron Institute.

Upcoming Sciware Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Previous Events

In addition to the session slides listed below, many of the recordings from past events are available on Vimeo. Please see the #sciware Slack channel for the password.


Sciware is a Flatiron-wide activity to share and build scientific software development and computing skills in a variety of areas. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can discuss technologies, tools, and tricks that make their research process more efficient, across all experience levels, language and technology choices, and scientific disciplines.

We meet roughly once a month on Thursdays at 3pm and focus on a specific topic, bringing Flatiron (and occasionally external) expertise together to demonstrate and discuss everything from debuggers to editors to file formats, optimization to packaging. Events are open to all Flatiron and Simons Foundation researchers, as well as their external students and collaborators.

There is also a #sciware channel on the Simons Foundation Slack that everyone is encouraged to join and ask questions, share knowledge, or request code reviews.


  • Kelle Cruz, Flatiron
  • Dylan Simon, SCC
  • Robert Blackwell, SCC
  • Billy Broderick, CCN
  • Chris Edelmaier, CCB
  • Lehman Garrison, SCC
  • Geraud Krawezik, SCC
  • Jeff Soules, CCM
  • Nils Wentzell, CCQ
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